Knowledge Services

Emerging Technologies

As we continue striving for our leadership position we leverage our Research and Development (R&D) to continuously improve our solutions and services.

Keeping abreast of the emerging technologies is imperative to ensure we provide future-proof solutions and leading-edge services in the following areas:

  • 5G concepts, preparation and planning
  • IoT applications
  • Big Data applications
  • Artificial Intelligence-powered networks
  • Industry 4.0 Ecosystem evolution

Consulting Services

Innovile’s experience and expertise may be used to derive strategy or address specific issues or opportunities via our consulting and advisory services. Long-term transformation programs or tactical assignments to generate quick-wins, and everything in between.

We are equally comfortable advising the CTO/CTIO or helping RAN engineering teams rapidly identify problems and apply corrective actions. We can also work with Finance and Budget Planning functions to help develop business cases, design programs to improve return on assets, or assess the financial performance of third parties already deployed to manage network operations.

Our expertise is always focused on ensuring great returns; direct financial benefits and quality enhancements that enable improved subscriber experience.

Each and every advisory or consulting assignment is designed to meet the unique needs of every client. Flexible, cost-effective services that make a real difference.

Typical assignment areas include:

  • Tiger-team; independent expertise to investigate, analyse options and help drive a solution to problems or opportunities in short-timescales.
  • Functional performance improvement; review team operations and identify changes that result in improved efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Process development; initial design and creation of processes to ensure optimized performance.
  • Process optimization; find the bottlenecks, analyse options and implement rapid change. Re-engineering for improvement tweaks or full transformation.
  • Strategy definition and execution support; expert strategic design lead or input, including delivery program support as required. Our independent experts may also be used to validate, and quality assure programs carried out by third parties.
  • Business Transformation; full program lead or specialist support services to specific elements.


Innovile is able to transfer our knowledge and expertise across a range of subjects via our Training Modules. Training events typically consist of classroom-based delivery and can leverage case studies and sample data where required to bring team-members to the required knowledge standard.

Standard training modules include:

  • Innovile’s Solutions; full user (beginner to advanced) and administrator training
  • Mobile communication technologies; basic/overview to deep-domain knowledge in specific areas
  • Mobile Network Planning
  • Mobile Network Optimization
  • Mobile Network Operations.

We also provide customised or bespoke training content to meet exact needs, for example as part of a long-term Network Management and Operations talent development program.