Managed Services

Our Managed Services are each designed to deliver the unique operational needs of every client. At the core of our Managed Services offer is our set of Network Management Operations and Optimization solutions. We wrap the services layer around our solutions to ensure:

  • Expert, cost-effective and optimized solution implementation
  • Leading-edge network and performance management capability as Business As Usual
  • Advanced expertise to continuously manage and optimize solutions and operations.

Managed Services may be deployed as a:

  • Stand-alone specialist or general operational function
  • Blended with current operations, supplementing expertise, capability and capacity
  • Governance or Quality Assurance function to validate and improve the performance of existing operations, in-house or outsourced.

We include the following options that may be provided independently or blended as needed:

Network Design & Planning

As the number of mobile subscribers’ changes, and different requirements are revealed daily, Network Design and Planning is an essential part of network operations, and includes:

  • Network dimensioning
  • 3G-4G-5G network design, catering for legacy and new technology planning optimization
  • Propagation model tuning
  • Nominal and field RF (Small/Micro/Macro) planning
  • FREQ/Code/PCI/RSI planning
  • Spectrum refarming
  • Coverage and interference analysis
  • Capacity planning
  • Strategy planning
  • Feature planning
  • Parameter configurations planning

Network Measurements & Reporting

From single-site or cluster to network-wide scope we can provide drive-test and analysis services as one-off projects or as an ongoing Managed Service including:

  • Single site, route, cluster, city etc. based drive-testing
  • Operator, technology, grid, carrier etc. based benchmark testing
  • Relevant Reporting and Analysis.

Network Operation & Optimization

With multiple technologies, vendors and layers in a network, deep-expertise becomes a crucial contributor to high-performance networks. With the help of Innovile’s solutions, combined with our operational expertise, we design and deploy a Managed Service to address partial or full operational scope that might include:

  • Network coverage optimization
  • Network capacity and quality monitoring and optimization
  • Monitoring, reporting, analysing and troubleshooting network KPI’s
  • Consistency checks and parameter analysis
  • Customer complaint management; network investigation and resolution
  • VIP complaint prevention and support management
  • Network Operations Management (L1-2)
  • Network Alarm Management (L1-2)
  • KPI Alarm Management (L1-2)
  • New technology and feature trial support, analysis and reporting
  • Quality Assurance of own or outsourced operations.