Smart Services

Delivery schedules for one-off exercises would typically run 1-3 months, depending on scope, but some straightforward work-packages can even be completed within a week of starting. Ongoing schedules may be periodic (e.g. monthly checkpoints) or embedded into daily operations (e.g. change management). Our flexibility to design services packages to meet your exact needs is something we are proud of.

Here's an overview of our ‘standard’ service packages, but we can change or configure our approach to meet your unique needs:

Health-check & Audit

Network Configuration Audit

Our unique audit methodology is supported by the Innovile Configuration Manager solution that can provide an end-to-end analysis of the network configuration in a unified and vendor/technology-independent approach.

The Network Configuration Audit service consists of the following options for key checks, with variance analysis to defined strategies where appropriate:

  • Cell, carrier and technology-based neighbour relations
  • Parameter status
  • Licence and capacity status
  • OSS definitions
  • Enterprise and site database definitions and comparisons with field
  • Feature status and associated parameters
  • Network / Technology / Domain / Node based health-checks,
  • IMSI based UE Model Types in network
  • SWAP operations support.

Neither Innovile Configuration Manager license/deployment or access rights for NMS are required. As Configuration Management Data are shared, Innovile Services Team can perform the audit and share the results quickly and cost-effectively.

Performance Health-check

Using our Innovile Performance Manager solution, we are able to review current performance metrics and validate compliance to targets. Either as a core performance tracking facility, or as a secondary governance or validation service, we will enable a clear view of performance metrics and variance to plan as necessary.

The common concepts and KPIs we are typically assessing include:

  • Rollout Key Quality Indicators (Design Data vs System Data, Overshoot Analysis, Link Performance Analysis etc.)
  • Utilization and availability of hardware/equipment
  • Acceptance processes based KPIs
  • Periodic KPI check to maintain subscriber perception in specific areas (VIP, Route etc.)

Our clients do not require a license for our Performance Management solution; this is included in the scope of the service provided. We will work to define the data files needed to undertake this service rapidly and cost-effectively.

Optimization Services

Innovile’s Self Organising Network (SON) Solution perfectly optimizes multi-vendor, multi-technology and heterogeneous networks automatically and dynamically, iterating within defined strategies until optimal performance is achieved. Our SON services provide a great opportunity to make the use of SON ready-to-use healers even when offline. No need to install and configure SON if the configuration and performance data points provided! We simply plug them in and run the service offline to establish the corrections needed to optimize the network components within scope.

SON modules that can be run offline include:

  • ANR (Automatic Neighbour Relation)
  • CAC (Consistency Audit and Correction)
  • CCO (Coverage and Capacity Optimization)
  • BCCH & PSC & PSI Optimization

Smart Optimization Services we can provide include:

  • Network, Cluster, Technology, Domain etc. based

                - Coverage optimisation

                - Capacity optimisation

                - Quality optimisation

  • Temporary and/or real-time coverage, capacity and quality management for high-traffic density events; for example, in managing Festivals, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Sports Tournaments, Fairs, Conferences, Corporate and Government Meetings etc.)

As with all our Smart Services, the technology components we leverage are included within the service fees; no separate license or technology fee applies. Projects are planned to cater for specific data feeds available and result orientation required. Where health-check/audit assignments are undertaken, full recommendations are provided to enable rapid improvements and iterative/periodic snapshots provided to visualise change.