Innovile Services Line


Innovile’s Services have evolved based on over 20-years of hands-on network management and optimization experience. Of course, this experience and knowledge has been the design-root of our solution range, and we also provide access to the expertise directly to enable rapid, cost-effective results for our clients across all domains (Access, Transport and Core).

Our services can be used as one-off health-checks or audits, or as part of a wider quality and capacity management programme to support your direct operational efficiency, or as a governance tool for use with outsourced partners. We can help you:

  • Prepare
  • Design
  • Plan
  • Operate
  • Measure/Track Performance
  • Optimize

Efficiency and effectiveness are the backbone of our service deliverables, and we always recognise the need to deliver service excellence to your clients.

Our proven methodologies are combined with our smart solutions where needed or provided ‘stand-alone’ as an advisory or operational team services package. Read below for more details and drop us a line at for more information, or to arrange a discussion around your specific requirements.

Smart Services

Accessing the benefits that our solutions can bring has never been so straightforward as with our Smart Services. By intelligently combining our solutions with our deep-domain expertise, we produce some amazing quick-wins with lasting impact. Proven methodologies combine with flexible commercials to ensure a winning scenario for every client as a one-off exercise/health-check or ongoing audit/optimization activity

Knowledge Services

We recognize that not every client needs a software solution, and maybe simply accessing our knowledge and skill base is enough to change the business performance. Consulting, advisory and training services are offered across a range of our domain specialisms. From setting strategy, to working on individual network element optimization, and anything in between! We develop flexible delivery schedules to meet exact client requirements for timeliness, scope and budget

Managed Services

Whether you manage the network directly or have outsourced full or partial management, our Managed Services will leverage our solutions and expertise to further enhance operations and value. We provide a unified environment for multi-vendor network management and our deep-expertise ensures an independent governance and performance management regime that brings significant, ongoing value-add. Delivery ongoing for agreed multi-year terms