Innovile Product Line
Innovile Product Line

Products Overview

Umbrella Management


Accela is Innovile´s Configuration Management solution for Mobile Networks OSS (Operation Support System).

With a user friendly web-based platform designed as a transparent management solution covering all access technologies (GSM, WCDMA and LTE), Accela provides a vendor-free operation interface that can be adapted to all vendors´ OSS.

Adaption to any vendor´s OSS is performed in terms of node integration, parameter changes, rehoming activities and system health check functionalities such as parameter and statistics inconsistencies.

With Accela, a state-of-the art solution, get rid

Business Solutions


With the performance management experience gathered in mobile telecommunication systems, Innovile developed sector and technology free applications. Focus, as a server-client solution, and FocusWeb, as an online web application, are your business intelligence experts to boost your system performance. Focus assures you detailed and automated performance analysis with GIS support, while FocusWeb enables you for the web mobility.

No matter how big your data collected from your system is, with the modular structure and intelligent reporting/analysis algorithms, they simplify your performance mana

SON Solution


Nemesis is Innovile´s Self-Optimising Network (SON) solution. As a multi-vendor and multi-technology product, it automatically and dynamically optimises the capacity and quality parameters of ALL NETWORK elements through a continuous and iterative methodology, until optimal configuration for better performance is achieved.


A graphic interface with real time traffic statistics provides a quick at a glance view into the network status.